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1st Vice Commander


June 18th, 2024

We have started off well with our BE THE ONE suicide awareness program. 

It all started with Post 68efforts and now the National American legion has made it a priority.
We have funded all programs from GRANTs, not one dime so far from the post.
We now have a website called BETHEONECONNECTS.org
My passion and commitment to this cause came from two people I knew, I loved, and respected who died by Suicide.
Whatever your passion is about this terrible disease that affects our brothers and sisters and their families, please
join us to make the community aware. 
No awareness, then you have no prevention.
We are looking for team members to help us with this cause here in Brunswick County.
Making calls to Service Providers.
Helping to turn out for community events.
Learn the S.A.V.E. program.
Help get the word out.
We are Veterans strengthening our community, our country and our fellow veterans. 
Please call me if you want to help, (maybe an hour or two at the most )each week.
I look forward to talking to you about our past success and future success in this project.
John Hacker
American Legion
Veteran Suicide Awareness Project Leader
John E. Jacobs American Legion Post 68
Leland, North Carolina
"Leave No Veteran Behind"

Jim McAvoy
Post Chaplain

June 17th, 2024
As we approach the summer months and the next meeting, I wanted to just write about this past month regarding our Post events that some of you might have missed.  
First and foremost, we had our send-off meeting and final Bravo Zulu for a job well done to Commander Fortini and Barb at the Leland Brewing Company.  It was a great turnout and we all wish Dan and his bride a long and healthy life in their new Georgia home.  I hope that you all received his farewell message to the members of the Post as he praised many of the Post’s members for their leadership and direction during his tenure as Commander.  Under his tutelage, the Post was instrumental in starting many programs that we are now involved with today such as the annual golf tournament, the White Shirts for the hospice visits as well as allowing the executive board to expand their roles and duties for the betterment of the Post.  Let’s hope that Dan crosses our path again in the future.  I enjoyed my association with him as his Chaplain.  
Our flag replacement at the various cemeteries during the Memorial Day weekend in Leland was also very well attended by many Post and family members. Once again, we had the distinct honor of presenting the family of our Post’s namesake a new wreath at John’s grave site.  I had the honor of giving the opening prayer and truly hope that it was well received by the Jacob’s family.  It was great to see John’s Mom and sisters in attendance again.  With the family’s blessing and permission, we hope to freshen up John’s grave stone and site.  This would be a fitting honor.  
This month we extend birthday wishes to 2 great organizations.  On June 14, 1775, the U.S. Army was founded.  This year marks 249 years young for our Nation’s first service.  As a proud member of the Army, I want to wish all of my Army brothers and sisters in the Post a Happy and Healthy 249!  Hooah and Go Army - beat Navy…
The second is that my oldest son enlisted in the Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman.  He later became an FMF or Fleet Marine Force Corpsman and served along side Marine Corps units.  On 17 June 1898, the Navy corpsman were established to provide medical support and training to Navy sailors.  Corpsman have served in every military conflict since then, providing healthcare to Sailors and Marines.  I’m sure many of our Post members have dealt with a young “Doc” in his or her military training and engagements.  Congrats to the many men and women that have earned this title.  
As we approach this month’s meeting, many of our members will be at the State Convention.  I pray that the members of our State organization will strive to continue to serve our veterans with dignity, compassion and diligence.  I am also praying that our Heavenly Father will guide them in their endeavors.  We are needing a stronger Legion today now more than ever.  
So, please enjoy your summer and we hope to see you all at a meeting soon.  Until then, May God Bless and keep you all safe and in good health.   I remain, in yours,
Your Chaplain, 
Jim Mac