John E. Jacobs American Legion Post 68, Leland


Post 68 member dues are $40.00 / year (as of 1 July 2023 dues will increase to $50/year)

A new dues collection year begins on 1 July of each year

Any member who has not paid their upcoming years dues will be considered expired as of 1 January of each year

Post 68 allows members to pay their dues in one of 3 ways:


#1 Pay in Person at meetings Preferred method. Members come to meetings and bring a check or cash to pay your dues.  The membership chair will accept your dues and provide you with a new ID card.  This method saves Post 68 $$ as we don't have to pay for postage to mail you your ID card
#2 Pay your dues ONLINE You can pay your dues ONLINE with a credit card at 
#3 Pay your dues by mail

All members payind dues by year will receive a renewal notice in the mail from American Legion Headquarters.  That notice has a receipt and envelope you can drop in the mail that comes to our Post PO box.  The Adjutant will receive your letter, mark you as paid and mail you a new ID card.  Our mailing address is:

American Legion Post 68
PO Box 521
Leland, NC   28451