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Information, links & resources to help veterans of all need levels

Special Note: Post 68 does not endorse or recommend any specific site/service/entity listed below, but is providing on best available information basis from inputs received from Legion members and organizations.


VA Blog Information Site: Link

A Blog site with access to audiobooks, AV Welcome Kit assistance and up-to-date information on VA programs.




  Brunswick County Veterans Services

Through the VA's Mission Act, the VA is automatically enrolling every veteran who is seen and treated through a VA medical facility in the eHealth Exchange, which means the VA will be releasing your health information with their community providers and other health information exchange partners (other government and private organizations). 
Updated Information on Opting Out of eHealth Exchange: There is no date given for option out.  The below is rescinded- 

If you wish to opt out of this eHealth Exchange, you must complete and submit VA form 10-0484 by Sept. 30, 2019 (TODAY) to the VA's Release of Information Office.
After 9/30/19, you will need to complete VA form 10-10164 to opt out of the electronic sharing or your health information.

The below is replacing the rescinded data-  


You can submit your Form 10-10164 at any time. VA will share your information until you submit your form.

If you submitted Form 10-0484 before September 30, you do NOT need to submit Form 10-10164.  This Link will have additional detail.

You can return VA Form 10-10164 at any VA Medical Center. Just visit the Release of Information (ROI) office. You can also send it by mail. After VA processes your form, your VA health information will not be shared electronically with community providers you see for treatment

Here is a link to the VA's website for further information about the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE): https://www.va.gov/VLER/

To opt out, you may access VA form 10-0484 here: https://www.va.gov/vaforms/medical/pdf/vha-10-0484-fill.pdf 
If you cannot print this form out, you can pick one up at your VA clinic or from our office.

If you opt out after 9/30/19, you may access VA form 10-10164 here: https://www.va.gov/vaforms/medical/pdf/Updated%2010-10164%20(003).pdf

For further information, you may call the VA Release of Information Office in Fayetteville at (910)488-2120, ext. 7020 (they handle the Brunswick and Wilmington VA clinics).

For those veterans using the Myrtle Beach VA Clinic and Charleston VA, call 1-843-577-5011, ext.'s: 7242, 7243, and 7486.

The above form can be faxed to the VA directly at the following VA fax numbers:
VAMC Fayetteville Release of Information Office: (910)822-7097
VAMC Charleston Release of Information Office: (843)579-3783

If you are unable to fax the form, you can take it to your VA clinic for them to fax, or you may bring it by our office and we will fax it for you.

Anita L. Hartsell
Senior Veterans Service Officer
Brunswick County Veterans Services Office
P.O. Box 249
Bolivia, NC 28422
Phone # (910)253-2233
Fax # (910)253-2235


You Served with Honor, You Earned Your Rewards - My Military Rewards App Available:

An application on Apple iStore and Google Store is available that will help you find vendors and services offering military discounts.  See following to access URL for the website information and how to obtain the App: LINK

American Red Cross Provided Information for Hurricane Preparedness:

Hurricane Preparedness: LINK
How to Prepare for Emergencies: LINK
Using Red Cross Safety Tips for Hurricane: LINK


VA 2019 MISSION ACT Execution:

A new law, called the MISSION Act, strengthens VA's ability to provide you with state-of-the-art care and services through a network of providers and cutting-edge technology. The law makes several enhancements to VA care that begin on June 6, 2019. 
With the MISSION Act, you will see VA continue to be a trusted, caring partner. We are focused on providing an excellent experience of care to you and the important people in your life. You'll see us expand our efforts to meet you where you are, with the right care at the right place and the right time - including through telehealth and in your community. 
To help you learn more about your VA health care options, we have created a booklet that provides information on:

  • Enrollment and health care eligibility;
  • Expanded community care eligibility;
  • Accessing new Urgent Care benefits for minor illnesses;
  • Information on how copayments and insurance will be used;
  • Learning more about VA's access and quality standards and how those relate to you;
  • Awareness of the complaints and appeals process for health care delivery.

The VA Booklet for the MISSION Act is located at this following: LINK

Further VA information on the Act is also available at following website: LINK

VA New Urgent Care/Community Care/Agent Orange Programs Update 2019: 

For information on the final rules implementing the VA’s new Urgent Care and Community Care Programs go to the following links:

Also, the article below indicates the Department of Justice has dropped their appeal of the January court ruling about Blue Water Vietnam Veterans. The decision requires the VA to include Blue Water Vietnam Veterans for presumptive service connection as a result of exposure to Agent Orange.



COUPS for TROOPS: The Leland Senior Center is collecting grocery coupons for our military families overseas.  Please drop off any coupons such as from the newspaper at the collection box (picture in link above) at Leland Senior Center.  About once a month the staff cuts out the coupons and sends them out.

Educational Resources:  

                Eastern Carolina University Military Programs:  http://www.ecu.edu/military/

                Social Worker Career Resources Programs: https://www.socialworkguide.org/degrees/


How Veterans and Their Families can find Benefits - AARP October 2018 LINK


COUPON FOLLOW:   Financial Resources and Discounts for Military Families.  LINK
Military families have a lot to deal with - emotionally, logistically, and financially. What benefits are out there for military families to make life a bit easier for them? Where can they find discounts and deals? We've created this helpful financial guide aimed specifically to help military family members learn about the different resources, federal programs, retail discounts, and deals for dependents of U.S. soldiers.

CYBER Jobs for North Carolina Veterans:  LINK

How Veterans and Families can find Benefits (AARP) October 2018 LINK

Need to view or edit Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) but don't have the software?  You can use OpenOffice which is a free product that allows you to view, create, and edit Microsoft Office data files.  LINK

Subscribe to Brunswick County Veteran Services announcements along with other County information LINK

Are you ready to start collecting non-service related benefits?  LINK


VET Scholarship for POW Families

As we approach a time where students are starting to receive acceptance at various colleges and universities throughout the country, I want to make you aware of a scholarship that is available to students whose relatives were POWs.  Only 27 of these scholarships were given last year and there is an abundance of funds available for students who qualify.  Attached are files which will show the criteria as well as the application.  Please canvas your members to see if there is anyone who wish to take advantage of this opportunity. FILE-1 and FILE-2



New N.C. veterans’ guide released

By Ben Steelman Wilmington StarNews Staff (7/27/18)

State Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs Larry D. Hall formally unveiled the 2018 edition of the station’s veterans’ Resource Guide on Thursday at N.C. National Guard headquarters inRaleigh.

The 176-page guide includes most frequently requested information on federal and state benefits for military veterans in fields such as education and apprenticeship, employment, entrepreneurship, health care and housing. Local contacts are provided in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

Some 55,000 copies of the guide have been distributed to state and local offices throughout North Carolina. An online version can be accessed at milvets.nc.gov.

Hall noted that more than 800,000 veterans and active-duty military personnel live in North Carolina, contributing more than $66 billion to the state’s economy.

For more information, call the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs at 844-624-8387.

Request Your Military Service Records Online, by Mail, or by Fax
from the National Archives

(Includes DD 214/Separation Documents, Personnel Records, Replacement Medals, and/or Medical Records) 

Military personnel records can include DD 214s/Separation Documents, service personnel records found within the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), and medical records.

Click one of the links below to apply via on-line or via US Mail:

Submit your request ONLINE with eVetRecs.

Submit your request by MAIL or FAX using the SF-180 Form.



  North Carolina Veterans Services Meeting

On 7/10/18, several Post 68 members attended a meeting of District 5 Veterans Services Leadership Forum in Leland.  The event was hosted by Frank Williams who is our Brunswick County Commissioner.  In attendance were legislative representatives from the State of North Carolina:

         Gilbert "D" DMesa representing 7th District Congressman David Rouzer
                  Email:  Gilbert.DMeza@mail.house.gov
                  Phone: For Bolivia office:  910-253-6111 
                            Wilmington Officer were "D" is located:  910-395-0202

         Adam Caldwell representing Senator Thom Tillis
                  Email:  adam_caldwell@tillis.senate.gov
                  Phone:  704-509-9087

Both representatives explained that they have an open-door policy for veterans to help resolve any support or services issues you may have.  

In addition, Jim Prosser from the Veteran Affairs for North Carolina office, representing Secretary Larry D. Hall was in attendance and provided attendees a very useful guide:  DMVA Resource Guide.  Resources in this guide can be found at links listed below.

Also, our own Anita Hartsell was in attendance explaining her role in Bolivia to help veterans of Brunswick County to obtain the benefits they need and are entitled to.

Please note:  It was suggested at this meeting that if you are in need of Veteran Services it would be best to talk directly to a trained Veteran Services office / provider (such as Anita Hartsell - 910-253-2233).  The online system will not tell you what services are available for you.  You will need help sorting everything out, getting your paperwork squared away and navigating the VA in general.



Brunswick County Commissioner, Frank Williams (LINK)
Congressman David Rouzer (LINK)
Senator Thom Tillis (LINK)
Department of Military and Veteran Affairs for North Carolina:  (1-844-NC4-VETS)
Brunswick County Veterans Services (LINK)


New Resource for Veterans:

Heroes on the Water
Contact:  Ken Roe - Crystal Coast Chapter
910-581-5334  crystalcoastnc.ken@gmail.com
Facebook  or   CLICK for more info on website


Brunswick County RESOURCE GUIDE (added 3/21/18)
Includes contact information for a wide variety of topics both community and veteran related


E-Benefits for Veterans: LINK


Veterans ID Cards - Update
Anita Hartsell-Sr Veterans Service Officer
Brunswick County Veterans Services Office

7 December 2017

=> (12/15/17) UPDATE ON VA ID CARD Suspension!   LINK

For those who may not have seen my earlier update, the VA is now issuing ID cards to honorably discharged veterans. This card is primarily for those veterans who are not eligible for the Veterans Healthcare ID card, or who do not qualify for a Dept. of Defense ID card.

Veterans must go to the www.vets.gov website to register.

The VA opened this site Nov. 30th but they unfortunately did not prepare for the number of veterans who would apply for the card. As a result, the site has crashed several times. Right now, veterans can go to the site to give their email address and await notification of when they will have the site back up to register for the ID card.

Part of the registration and verification process for the ID card is doing credit checks. So, if you have frozen your credit reports due to security breaches with varies companies like Equifax, OPM, and Target, etc. to protect against identity theft, you won’t be able to get the ID card while your credit is frozen.

Today I received the following notice from my contact at the VA:
          Veterans can unfreeze only the Experian report, leaving the TransUnion
          and Equifax reports frozen. We are working directly with Experian to
          implement a one-time passcode solution that will allow Veterans to leave
          the Experian file frozen but allow one-time access to confirm 
          their identity.  At this time, we don't have an ETA for that solution.

As soon as I am made aware of any additional information about the implementation of this one-time passcode solution, I will let you know.


Legion hosts Agent Orange summit to advocate for Blue Water Navy veterans (Nov 3rd, 2017)

The American Legion welcomed more than 15 veteran service organizations (VSOs) to its National Headquarters office in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 25 for a summit about Agent Orange and helping Blue Water Navy veterans get the recognition and benefits that they deserve. The summit also identified what next steps are necessary for the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to consider new presumptive conditions for awarding disability compensation related to Agent Orange exposure.  CLICK for full article


DoL announces new HIRE Vets Medallion Program (Nov 13th, 2017)

The American Legion attended the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DoL) 2017 Salute to Veterans event on Nov. 9 in Washington, D.C., to learn what programs and initiatives are available for the military community through government agencies and veteran advocate organizations.  CLICK for full article


Medicaid is required to assure transportation to medical appointments for all eligible individuals who need and request assistance with transportation. Transportation will be available if the recipient receives a Medicaid covered service provided by a qualified Medicaid provider (enrolled as a NC Medicaid provider). Medicaid only pays for the least expensive means suitable to the recipient’s needs.

Transportation to and from providers is a critical component for Medicaid beneficiary to obtain necessary health care. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services consist of arranging and/or paying for transportation. When the beneficiary has access to a suitable mode of transportation, but lacks the means to use it, the county must assist with the means through mile reimbursement. When the beneficiary lacks both means and mode, the county is responsible for arranging transportation at a cost within allowable Medicaid regulations. However, the obligation to provide transportation is not without qualifications.  

The printable form is HERE  You may print off and fill out the form and apply in person at Social Services (Annex Building) at Government Complex in Bolivia for NEMT or you can call 910-253-2124 or 910-253-2118 and ask to speak to Medicaid Transportation caseworker.



Brunswick County Health and Human Services also provides a service for those in need of transportation in times of emergencies (i.e., hurricane evacuation). By completing and submitting  the Brunswick County Special Medical Needs Registration form, people in need can be registered to receive assistance in an evacuation situation. For more details, go to the Brunswick County Health and Human Services webpage for more information.

(article added 9/15/17)


Welcome to Brunswick County Social Services! We partner with individuals, families and community  to meet the needs of Brunswick County citizens. We aim to promote self-sufficiency for individuals and families and prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable citizens.

We administer various programs, including Medicaid, Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps), Work First, Child Support Services, Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Foster Parent Licensing, and Adult Services. Our staff are committed to providing services to Brunswick County residents in a timely and respectful manner.


SCC - Services Coordinating Council:  https://www.nbservicegroups.org/  SCC is a group that helps coordinate the services of the many not-for-profit support groups in the area

US Government Made Easy For Veterans:  http://www.usa.gov/index.shtml

VA Loan Information:  http://www.directvaloans.com/VA_Loan_Programs

TriCare:  http://www.tricare.mil/

>>> TriCare changes for 2018:


Social Security Administration:  http://www.ssa.gov/


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Overview

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur following a life-threatening event like military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or violent personal assaults like rape.  Most survivors of trauma return to normal given a little time.  However, some people have stress reactions that don't go away on their own, or may even get worse over time.  These individuals may develop PTSD.

People who suffer from PTSD often suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and feeling emotionally numb. These symptoms can significantly impair a person's daily life.

PTSD is marked by clear physical and psychological symptoms.  It often has symptoms like depression, substance abuse, problems of memory and cognition, and other physical and mental health problems.  The disorder is also associated with difficulties in social or family life, including occupational instability, marital problems, family discord, and difficulties in parenting.  If you are suffering from PTSD, or know someone who is, the following list of resources and information will help you find help in dealing with PTSD and related conditions.  

Featured PTSD News

Center for Psychological Health and TBI Opens

The Department of Defense today announced the opening of a 24-hour outreach center to provide information and referrals to military service members, veterans, their families and others with questions about psychological health and traumatic brain injury.

National Center for PTSD
Army Behavioral Health Website
Identifying PTSD
PTSD and Substance Abuse Help for Veterans Guide to Finding a PTSD 

Therapist How to Stop Living Out of Your Car - Guide for Homeless Vets

Homeless Veterans’ Resources National Coalition for Homeless Veterans 

Homeless Vets Homes for Homeless Vets Support for Veterans

Struggles Legal Advice for Veterans

Homeless Veterans’ Resources
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
Financial Benefits of a Military Career
Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets





Following is a list of various Navy, Military, Veterans and related links with a variety of information:


LINKS for VETERANS:  http://www.xenodochy.org/navy/navylinks.html


Nursing Homes Update

All states have a Nursing Facility Medicaid program that provides general health coverage plus coverage for nursing home services.  These services include room and board, nursing care, personal care and therapy services.

Nursing Facility Medicaid may pay for a stay in a nursing home if you need a “nursing-home level of care” or meet nursing home “functional eligibility criteria; and have income and assets below certain guidelines.

More information Click Here

Below are web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them:

Board of Veteran's Appeals http://www.va.gov/vbs/bva/
Center for Minority Veterans http://www1.va.gov/centerforminorityveterans/
Center for Women Veterans http://www1.va.gov/womenvet/
Compensation Rate Tables, 12-1-03 http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/Rates/comp01.htm
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations http://www1.va.gov/vso/index.cfm?template=view
Disability Examination Worksheets Index, Comp http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/Benefits/exams/index.htm
Geriatrics and Extended Care http://www1.va.gov/geriatricsshg/
Hearings http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch04.doc
Veterans Legal and Benefits Information http://valaw.org/
Online version http://www1.va.gov/OPA/vadocs/current_benefits.asp
PDF Download in English http://www1.va.gov/opa/vadocs/fedben.pdf
VA War-Related Illness and Injury Center http://www.vagov/WRIICSC-DC
Homeless Veterans http://www.va.gov/homeless
VA National HIV/AIDS Program http://www.hiv.va.gov
VA Public Health Smoking Cessation Program http://www.publichealth.va.gov/smoking
VA Mental Health http://www.mentalhealth.va.gov
National Cemetery Administration (Burial and Memorials) http://www.cem.va.gov 
Center for Women Veterans and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs www.va.gov/womenvet
National Foundation for Women Legislations (www.womenlegislators.org)
NC Department of Military & Veterans Affairs (www.milvets.nc.gov/homepage)                  
Services Coordinating Council:   https://www.nbservicegroups.org/
US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline
Planning for Life after Discharge
Transition to Civilian Life
50% to Mesothelioma Lawsuit Guide
Surviving Spouses Resources
Best Jobs for Returning Servicemembers


Veterans Law Project: Legal Aid of North Carolina is a statewide, nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services in civil matters to low-income people in order to ensure equal access to justice and to remove legal.

Link to website:  http://www.legalaidnc.org/

List of services are at: http://www.legalaidnc.org/get-help/our-services


Aging Vets - How to Plan Wisely for Your Future
Residential Leases and the Military - Your Rights
Resources for Vets & Families Living with Cancer
Military Veterans Resource Center
Assistive Tech for Veterans and Military
Guide to Military Moves
Behavioral Health for Veterans
Mental Health Needs of Vets & Families
Justice for Vets

Discounts for Veterans - Stores, Restaurants, Online shopping:

North Carolina State Veteran's Benefits & Discounts
Veteran Resources - Military Discounts

Veterans Tickets Foundation-Tickets for Troops Program


Online EXCHANGE Shopping:  Starts November 11th, 2017
   ==> Click on VET VERIFY to check your eligability:   www.vetverify.org

Call 844-868-8672 for further info....

Shop any or all of these online exchanges!  (click on Exchange name to go there and get registered!)

Discounts available via American Legion:   https://www.legion.org/benefits/all

Vietnam Women Veterans - Almost ten thousand women were there.

For a list of not only the women who gaves their lives in Vietnam but the start of a complete women's casualty list see: They Gave Their Lives

Salon.com has featured an interesting story about female Vietnam Veterans, entitled "Unarmed and Under Fire: An Oral History of Female Vietnam Vets."
Women in Vietnam

The Vietnam Womens Memorial Project's new website is at: VWMP

Women Combat Vets Battle for Acceptance