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January 29th
Post 543 St. James





#2018 SE Trunk or Treat


2018 Leland
Trunk or Treat!

October 27th

Dan Dodge lead this year's Trunk or Treat display for Post 68 at the Town of Lelands annual event for local children.  Dan was accompanied by his wife Joeleen, her friend Jackie Plumley and Lou Tranzillo.  Bill Smith helped out with setup and Romie Holmes took some pics for us.  Weather was a little cool and turnout seemed a little lower than 2017.   There were still over a dozen "trunks" giving out candy along with the Leland Police and Fire departments and Mayor Barbara Bozeman. See Photos at: 2018 Town of Leland Trunk or Treat Event


#2018 Vets to DC


BUS TRIP - October 2018

Thanks to Post 68 member Gerald Decker for putting together this event.  Veterans from all services in the Brunswick County area loaded a bus for a trip to Washington, DC to see the various monuments they fought for.  They also had a tour of the White House and placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Town of Leland officers, police and fire were onhand for the bus' send-off and return.

Here are a few pictures from the event.  More pictures can be found in the Photo Gallery HERE

Vets to DC - 2018


Thank You Letter from Don Spalding: 

-----Original Message-----
From: Donald Spaulding
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2018 4:45 PM
Subject: DC Trip with Appreciation

With the greatest humility and sincerity that I offer my most sincere thanks to Post 68 and the people involved in organizing the trip. It was a truly a magnificent experience for me. I enjoyed getting to know many new friends over the 4 days we spent together. In a way it was almost like going back to boot camp.  I have said many times over the years that unless you actually went through boot camp and served outside the US you can not fully understand what it means to serve.

A few things on the trip stand out to me. First was our visit to Arlington. Wow! I did say "they never stop" referring to the thousands of head stones that blur in the distance as if they are one. The Changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown was impressive for the respect and reverence offered.

Second, was the Capital building with all the history and statues that stand as a record of our United States of America. Then the White House with its history and elegance. What I will most remember is standing in line for about 2 hours and then going through all the security. It still rings true that freedom is not free.

Third, was the visit to the US Marine Corp museum. The museum was a fantastic place to learn history. Even better was being outside when at least 4 active duty Marine Generals walked by. A one star stopped to talk with Alex our WW2 member. Even though 50 years or more difference in age they spoke the same language and not only understood each other they respected each other. I was fortunate to witness this meeting.

Fourth, was our arrival at Leland and seeing the fire truck with the American Flag, the honor guard, the mayor, the roses, hearing the music. The whole event almost brought me to tears.

Why the tears? Because, in my 24 years with the US Navy I was never shot at, never bombed, never crashed in an airplane, never was a POw. Today I have people thanking me for my service. However, I really do not believe I deserve the thanks. Thanks goes to all of the people in Arlington. Thanks go to 1st Lt. George R Dover, USMC holder of the Silver Star and multiple purple hearts. Lt Dover was killed in Viet Nam 19 June 1969. You can visit his grave at the US cemetery in Wilmington.

Last, this trip opened the door to my memory of thousands of events, experiences, and life events I have experienced in the 24 years I served both as active duty and as a reserve. This is a big part of my life that I would do all over again. You see I have all the respect in the world for our brothers and sisters that were in combat. In addition to thanks they deserve to be remembered and respected.

Thank you Post 68 for the opportunity to have this experience.

Most Sincerely,

Donald Spaulding




Post 68 once again participated in the annual Town of Leland Founders Day Celebration.
Here are some pictures from the day:


Town of Leland Founders Day - 2018






#SE-Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) Commodities Distribution

Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) Commodities Distribution - Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to work the Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) Commodities Distribution Day on Thursday, August 30th. Post 68 has been supporting this event for the past couple of years and it’s always a very worthwhile activity. Onsite parking on Distribution Day is very limited and you will need a Parking Pass.  Volunteers will meet on Thursday, August 30th,  at 6 AM at the Port City Java, The Villages, Brunswick Forest to carpool to Shallotte.  Distribution starts promptly at 7 AM.  We generally stop work at Noon and adjourn to The Purple Onion for lunch afterwards. Contact Dale Todd at (240)338-5411, or by email, if you can help on Distribution Day.






Leland Founders Day - 2018

Fellow Legionnaires:

All Hands on Deck!!  Post 68 will again be participating in the Town of Leland Founders’ Day on Saturday, September 8 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Leland Municipal Park (across from the new town hall).  We will need help with setting up our booth that morning, manning the booths throughout the six-hour event and tearing down that evening. As Post 68’s newly appointed Public Affairs Officer, I will be taking the lead for the event. We NEED your support and participation!   Set up is from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM.  Manning of the booths is from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  We only need a few hours of your time!

Once again, an assortment of watercolors, by our own Post artist and World War II veteran, Bill Carshaw, will be available to the public for a donation.  Mr. Carshaw, an Honorary Life Member of American Legion Post 68 has been a member of the Legion for 75 years.  He has graciously donated his artwork to Post 68 to help the general fund of the Post.  We will also be collecting donations with distribution of Poppies, selling our service baseball caps, selling 50/50 tickets and handing out “Stars from Flags.”  We will also have our Membership table set up.

Additionally, we will be asking event attendees to sign Christmas holiday greeting cards and add their messages of good cheer that will be sent to our deployed service men and women.

The Post Officers cannot do this alone!  If you can participate this year, please let me know; I can be reached at:  richard.fry8700@gmail.com or (910) 769-8961

I have attached a Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet.  Please call or e-mail me with your availability.  I will also distribute the form at our monthly meeting.

I look forward to Your Support for Your American Legion Post!

Richard Fry

Public Affairs Officer

American Legion Post 68, Leland, NC



Leland  July 4th Parade
Magnolia Greens


Please note:  WWAY was reporting on the parade.  They covered the parade with video of Post 68 on their 6pm broadcast.  Suggest watching their 11pm broadcast.  In addition, there is a story and video of the parade on their website:   WWAY

Post 68 members and supporters getting ready for parade Color Guard:  Dan Dodge, Richard Fry, Gerald Decker, Lane Adrian
Gerald Decker giving Patriotic Speach Leland Mayor and Gerald
Post 68 Banner carried by Jim and Lou WWII Vets

#SE 2018 Change of Command

Post 68 Change of Command

June 21st 2018

Commander Zelenski starting change of command to incoming commader Dale Todd
Commander Zelenski presenting Alan Simmons an award for his multiple years of service to the Post
Outgoing Post 68 officers receiving recognition for their service to Post 68
Commander Zelenski transfering command of the Post to Dale Todd



Freedom Wall Dedication


Post 68 Members Attend Graveside Service
for Fallen Vietnam Veteran

June 1st, 2018

On June 1, 2018, Post 68, Leland members Jim Zelenski, Alan Simmons, Dale Todd, John Marone, and Lane Adrian along with Col Steven Baker (USA Retired) and the North Brunswick County High School JROTC Color Guard attended a gravesite service for Pfc John Edwin Jacobs, the only Leland resident killed in Vietnam.   The service, held by Jacobs’ family members and friends was held to mark the upcoming 50th anniversary of Pfc Jacobs’ death on October 1, 2018.  Pfc Jacobs served with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, 11th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division, USARV.  He was killed during an operation in Quang Tri, South Vietnam on October 1, 1968. His name is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall Panel 42W, line 57.  Pfc Jacobs’ service to our country lasted less than one year but he will not be forgotten. 

On June 1, 2018, the following post members (Zelenski, Simmons, Todd, Marone and Adrian) along with the Jacobs’ family and friends attended a gravesite service for PFC Jacobs along with Col Baker (USA Retired) and the NBHS ROTC Color Guard on the upcoming 50th anniversary on October 1, 2018, of the death of PFC Jacobs, the only Leland resident killed in Vietnam.




Memorial Day Weekend 2018 - Flag Placement Day

May 26th, 2018

16 Post 68 members & spouses walked 3 local graveyards in the Leland, NC area today placing American Flags on the graves of Veterans.  Old flags were also collected for proper disposal.   Our Chaplin Brian Danielson read prayers at each site.  Members of the Zion Church played Taps.  The weather was great for this event which allowed the Post to once again, bring members together, support our community and remember our fallen comrades.


1st Baptist Church of Leland, NC King Memorial Gardens (John Cook) Zion Church of Leland, NC
Chaplin Brian Danielson Members moving thru graveyard Members "milling" about

More pictures can be found at LINK



Poppy Fund Drive 2018

May 25th, 2018


New location this year -
Carolina Shores Car Wash

Event was held this year on May 25th and had been rescheduled from May 19th due to bad weather.  Since the event was held on a weekday vs. weekend, we were unable to setup at Food Lion.  However, we were at a new location this year:  Carolina Shores Car Wash with great results.   Commander Jim Zelenski thanked those who were able to make it for our Poppy drive.  According to totals provided he is pleased to announce we took in approximately $1,004.07!


Port City Java: $178.00

Piggly Wiggly: $270.00

Carolina Shores Car Wash: $539.00  - this includes a generous $100.00 check donation from the owner of the car wash.   They were excited that we asked them to use their location this year.


Per the Commander”

“Overall, I would say we had a successful drive, especially only having three locations this year and having it on a Friday, ironically, National Poppy Drive Day.  I think we have some lessons learned here on conducting it on a Friday. I believe having it on Saturday is much better.   If you have any other suggestions on how we can continue to improve our poppy drive event, please let Dale and me know.   One idea Alan had is to consider setting up a location at Magnolia Greens Golf Course if they permit us to do so, something we may want to investigate.  Please let me know if I missed sending this to any post member not listed that participated today.”

N. Brunswick HS Freedom Wall Dedication

May 7th, 2018


Members of the Brunswick school system, Kiwanis, Key Club, Exchange Club, Post 68 American Legion, Brunswick Forest Woodworkers club along with Mayor Brenda Bozeman were present today at the dedication of this important historical and educational feature.  The School’s Principal, Paul Price, has a designated wall in the School’s library where the Shrine has been placed. This Freedom Wall dedication is made possible through a partnership among the North Brunswick Kiwanis Club, the American Legion Post 68, The Cape Fear Exchange Club, The Brunswick Forest Woodworkers club and the Brunswick County School District.


Kiwanis and Post 68 member Rick de Moya was the MC for this event.  Rick has worked tirelessly to make this project happen.  In all, 30 framed copies of historical documents such as the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. regarding the United States of America are mounted on this wall for students to read and study.  Principle Paul Price indicated that students would be given assignments based upon these documents.  Many thanks to the members of the Brunswick Forest Woodworking Club who provided their skills and expertise today in constructing the Wall


Freedom Wall background:


The dedication of a Freedom Shrine Wall will be made to North Brunswick High School. The FREEDOM SHRINE is an impressive display of historic document replicas serving to remind all of us of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been invested over the years to ensure our freedom as Americans. The Freedom Wall originated with the Freedom Train which toured the nation in 1947 carrying an exhibit of historic documents. (Source:  WWAY.com)

LINK for YouTube video of Rick de Moya being interviewd



FREEDOM WALL of historical documents Freedom Shrine plaque Exchange Club dedication plaque
BF Woodworkers club members who erected the wall Principle Paul Price and MC Rick de Moya Visiting dignitaries from each partnership group along with Leland Mayor Brenda Boozman
Rick de Moya speaks to the crowd Post 68 members present People inspecting documents
People inspecting document Post 68 Commander Zelenski in discusson Post 68 members at ceremony

Post 68 Performs Flag Retirement Ceremony

April 28th, 2018

Script for ceremony is HERE

This was the first time the Post has held this event. It met or exceeded all expectations in terms of procedure and operation. It was well attended by members of local government, family and friends, Leland Boy Scout Troop #747, Brunswick County High School JROTC, local police and fire departments. The Post was well represented as over 25 members attended with many of them participating in the proceedings.   Leland Boy Scout Troop #747 played a key role in the proceedings. They presented flags, provided the fire pits, helped clean up, and generally made an excellent impression to all present.

Several local businesses graciously contributed free items, including Leland Ace Hardware, WalMart. Local business developer, Jeff Earp gave permission to use the Brunswick Forest location for the event.   Eleanor Nesmoglu, former Marine Sargent and current UNCW student who sang the National Anthem.  Commander Jim Zelenski wrote the ceremony’s script that was read during the event.  In addition, multiple Post members were involved to bring this event together.  All in all, the weather held out, we had multiple guests including local elected officials and more.  Our own Spousal support group offered cake and coffee after the event to guests. 

Burn pit............ Greg Miller showing 1776 flag Commander Jim Zelenski reads Flag Retirment Ceremony to those present
JROTC Color Guard Ceremony continues with Officers reading their parts of the ceremony KC White receives flag from Eric Mens
Post Officers reading script Boy scouts and Post 68 members line up to present flags for retirement Members and scouts line up to receive flags to be retired
Event organizer Gerald Decker receives flag for retirment Post 68 members KC White and Lane Adrian carry flag for retirement Flags being presented for retirment
Several more flags being retired

KC White presenting flag to Gerald Decker at burn pit for disposal

Post 68 members smiling after a successful event


FROM: Richard Fry...

PRESS RELEASE: American Legion Post 68, Leland NC

Leland, NC, Date: April 28, 2018

SUBJECT: American Legion Post 68, Leland, NC holds U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony 

On April 28, 2018, American Legion Post 68, Leland, NC conducted its first ever U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Incoming Post Historian Gerald Decker, was instrumental in organizing and executing the solemn ritual, which was held at the Villages, Brunswick Forest.

The American Legion is one of the few organizations authorized by the US Congress to retire United States flags. The United States Flag Code, Title 4, Section 8k states: “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.” Flag Retirement is the term used to define the proper, dignified way of destroying United States flags that are no longer fit to serve the nation.  Post 68’s retirement of more than 200 unserviceable American Flags followed the strict honorable and respectful ritual established by the 19th National Convention of the American Legion in 1937.

Special guests included Leland Mayor Brenda Bozeman, Leland Mayor Pro Tem Pat Batleman, Leland Councilman Michael Callahan, Belville Mayor Mike Allen, American Legion District 9 Commander Nelson Anderson, Post 68 World War II Veteran William Carshaw, Jr., and Post 68 Korean War Veteran Reginald Kidd, Jr.   Mr. Dennis Harp, Scoutmaster, and members of Leland Boy Scout Troop 747 assisted Post 68 members with the flag retirement. 

Mayor Bozeman commented “I am truly honored to share this special occasion with the members, families and friends of Post 68. I think all our hearts are especially touched as we solemnly show our deep love and respect for the retired flags that have served us so proudly."

Councilman Callahan added “I was very impressed with the care and professionalism demonstrated by members of Post 68 and members of the Boy Scouts of America. I think this very solemn event was a significant benefit to our citizens and reflects the patriotic American values we espouse.”

The North Brunswick High School JROTC Color Guard presented the colors and the National Anthem was beautifully sung by USMC Veteran Ms. Eleanor Nesmoglu.  Assistant Fire Chief Ronnie Hayes and members of the Leland Fire & Rescue Department and Leland Police Department members were on hand to ensure safety and security.

Nearly 100 members of the general public attended the solemn proceedings.

Following the ceremony guests were invited to join Post 68 for refreshments at The Community Commons, Brunswick Forest, sponsored by the Post’s Spousal and Friends Support Group.

Any Veteran interested in joining Post 68 is welcome to attend our monthly meetings held at 6:00 PM on the third Thursday of every month at Blossoms Restaurant, Magnolia Greens Golf Course.  Membership information and applications are available on Post 68’s website www.ncpost68.org.


PROJECT SOAR April 23rd 2018

Post 68 member Gerald Decker and wife pose with Kayla Jakubczak at the Cameron Art Museum.

Project SOAR is:  Sports, Outreach, Adapted Recreation, presented by ACCESS of Wilmington in partnership with the University of North Carolina Wilmington, is an adapted sport program offering archery, cycling, golf, kayaking, SCUBA, and surfing for veterans and active members of the Armed Forces living with service-connected illness or injury.

The mission of Project SOAR is to promote active sport participation among veterans and active members of the Armed Forces living with disabilities to increase their health, wellness, and quality of life. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors all programming, including equipment loan program, are provided at no cost to participants and their families.

For more information, click LINK


Post 68 supports North Brunswick High School
JROTC Change of Command Ceremony

April 23rd, 2018


Post 68 members:  Lou, KC White and Gerald Decker represented Post 68 at the annual JROTC Change of Command Ceremony held at the North Brunswick High School.   Col Decker's leadership shows as JROTC members did an excellent job with military D&C during this event.

JRTOC Color Guard Unit Formation Unit Formation
Col Baker ready for Change of Command Change of command ceremony Congratulations with Post 68 members
Lou and KC with Cadet Matthew Smith Post members Lou, JC and Gerald  Posting with JRTOC members

Post 68 & Seabees support local Veteran 

March 2018

Our service officer Dale Todd along with Lane Adrian have been helping coordinate assistance for a local veteran family in Leland for a while now.  One of the needs was a wheel chair ramp.  Dale was able to obtain the assitance of Seabee Veterans of America, Island X5, Cape Fear NC chapter. Their lead for this project has been Dennis Ruocco.  Dennis and his team did a great job of building this ramp.  Hats off for their assistance!  Also thanks to Brunswick Housing Opportunties with their help in funding this project.

Bill Sraver an George Marrier George, Charlie Futrell and Bill

Post 68 Supports American Legion District 9 VBEC Event
March 22 - 25, 2018


People lined up outside before the
doors even opened
Elks Club sign a bit off but
hearts in right place
Commander Zelenski and company
ready to volunteer
Volunteers briefing Volunteers briefing Dale working with front table
inprocessing ladies
Stand-down area where guests
could browse available services
Veterans waiting for service Veterans waiting for service
Art and Jim hard at work John running the mess hall  
Gilbert DMeza,  (Congressmen Rousers' Military aid Representative on Veterans Affairs).
Tom Cerginlia, Committee Chairman, VBEC  (AL- Post 543)
Post 68's Lane Adrian taking to Frank Rogers, (New Hanover Veterans Council- Chairmen Touching base with a waiting vet
Tom Cerginlia with Robert Reynolds - (Deputy Under Secretary of Compensation - Veterans Administration, Washington D.C) and
Delbert DMeza
Greeting vets and getting them
into the waiting area


March 3rd, 2018

The second year holding this event did not go as well as expected. We did not reach or exceed our anticipated number of 120 local people attending this event; weather was chilly and windy, but sunny, and the post organizers and participating members were awesome. However, over 150 unserviceable US Flags were collected for retirement! Need to heavily advertise and promote the event. Next year we need to make sure to get the word out earlier, local newspapers were not notified in time to publish the event.

We should strongly consider going back to The Commons in Brunswick Forest for the collection event for the next year for more exposure. A combined total of 26 post and spousal support members participated in this event. Eric Mens, Post Adjutant signed up one new member to our membership and several other potential members were handed post business cards and will consider joining. Overall, the Post received a total of $217.00 in hotdog sales, $45.00 in donations, and the 50/50 drawing was $52.00, $26.00 to the winner, our own Judi Buongiorne, with $26.00 going to the post. After expenses of $55.83 for supplies, the post netted $232.17.

Click HERE for the complete After-Action report & Flyer

Please send Dan Dodge any other pictures you have to be included here

Post 68 participation in Leland Christmas Parade - Dec 9th 2017
Alan Simmons - Coordinator

Post 68 members participated in the annual Leland Christmas parade this year.  However, due to inclement weather, only a handful of members were able to participate.  Several local organizations who had signed up for the parade were no-shows as well.  Parade Grand Marshal Ronald McDonald stepped in for Santa Clause this year to pose with Post 68 members.... Due to the weather, the parade this year was rather "short" and was over quickly.  WWAY TV station did have coverage of the event with Post 68 members making the evening news.  Legion members gave out a case of candy canes to those brave souls who came out to watch the parade.



Brunswick Beacon LINK

Left to right:  Lane Adrian, Alan Simmons, Ronald McDonald, John Marone, KC White

Post 68 Pancake Breakfast
Brunswick Forest Commons – Nov 12th, 2017
Kathy McDonough  – Coordinator


More photos at PHOTO GALLERY

Post 68 Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser
Blossoms Restaurant – Nov 6th, 2017
Dale Todd – Coordinator

Our annual Post Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser in it’s new location at Blossoms Restaurant and meeting room proved to be a great success!  A total of 145 tickets were sold with 140 meals served.  Total income received during the evening was $2380 from ticket sales, our Support Group raffle and donations.  After $643 in expenses, we had a net profit of $1737!!   We had 13 volunteers who helped by serving meals, greeting and assisting customers and keeping the dining room in good shape.

Feedback that we received from people we talked to during the event was all positive in terms of the food, the room set-up and the overall environment. We have some lessons learned to apply to the 2018 event but overall this was a very successful fund raiser for Post 68.

Hats off to Dale and all our volunteers along with our Ladies Support Group!  Also, a big thanks to the staff at Blossoms for supporting us and providing us with a very enjoyable evening.


Left to right:  Lou Tranzillo, Richard Fry,  ?, Tom Broadwater (?),  ?
Please help out by letting us know all names in this picture:
email: Dan Dodge - lifesgood50@gmail.com


More photos at: Photo Gallery

2017 Wilmington Veterans Day Parade
John Marone – Coordinator




Additional Photos can be found HERE

2017 Town of Leland Trunk or Treat event for area Children

Several American Legion Post 68 members and their spouses participated in the Town of Leland Trunk or Treat event on October 28, 2017.  Members enjoyed handing out Halloween treats to local area children. Along with Leland Mayor Brenda Bozeman and the Town Fire Department, eleven local area organizations joined in the event.  According to reports, over 3000 children and parents attended this year’s Trunk or Treat. Post 68 had plenty of treats and sweets thanks in part to the contributions of post members.  Post Commander Jim Zelenski and wife Debbie provided hundreds of glow rings and spider rings that delighted the children.  Post Historian Dan Dodge took the lead for this event, and with the assistance of his wife Joeleen, amazed the crowd with their Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes that were spot-on! The “Trunk” was skillfully decorated with the traditional fan-fare of Halloween. Several other Post and Spouse & Friends Support Group members, Jim and Bobbie Jo Thompson, Lou Tranzillo, Lynn Keller and Debby White, participated in handing out candy to the hundreds of children passing through our Trunk area. There was also a reporter from the Wilmington Star News who took pictures and interviewed a couple Post members with pictures showing up in an article in the next day’s paper. Thanks to all Post members and friends of Post 68 who donated candy to make this yet another successful event!


Pictures:  See Photo Gallery here

Leland Founders Day - 9/9/17


Post 68 Fish Fry - 8/12/17

Fish Fry was a success!  We had great turnout from membership and from the local community.


August 18th, 2017 - Downtown Wilmington Concert Series - Wrist Band Sales:


Graveside Flag Placement - 2017

Flag Collection Day - 2017

Flag Collection Day a Success! Over 185 Flags were collected!

Post 68 held its first ever, highly successful Unserviceable US Flag Collection Day on Saturday, April 22, at the Commons Area, Brunswick Forest.  

The Post will be conducting a flag retirement ceremony April 28, 2018, at sunset at the Town Leland Recreation Building, Leland, NC 28451‚Äč, to which ALL will be invited to attend.

The Post will RESPECTFULLY retire and dispose of all the old and worn out flags collected. 

Questions regarding this event may be directed to Post 68 Flag Retirement Committee Chairman, Mr. Mr. Daniel Fortini at 413-834-4106.

Below is a link to familiarize yourself with the Unserviceable Flag Disposal Ceremony:




Scholarship Awards - 2017


Poppy Day - 2017


NBHS Shooting Team - January 2017

Post 68 Flag Dedication - January 2017








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